Fast Check in

Checkin Mate allows you to easily check yourself and others in by simply scanning a QR code as you enter your favourite venues.

Automatic Checkout

Once you check in you will remain checked in until you leave. Upon leaving you will be automatically checked out of the venue.

Digital Reporting

Checkin Mate puts venues in control of their own data, allowing them to easily generate spreadsheets for reporting.



This is a completely contactless approach to checking in, and allows venues to easily get in contact with you if they need to.


Your data will not be used for any other purpose and is only accessible to venues for 30 days.


Enter your name and phone number once. Only change it if your details change.

Getting Started

1Download The App On Your Smartphone

It's very easy to find and install Checkin Mate on your smartphone. Just click the link at the top of this page, install the app and you're ready to go.

Enter your name and phone number just once and it will be saved on your device for the next time you check in.

As you enter, check in by opening the app or scanning a QR code. If you've allowed access to location services we'll check you out automatically when you leave.

For Customers

Many businesses now require your contact information to be recorded in order to allow you to enter their premises. Checkin Mate makes this process quicker and easier than ever while keeping your data secure.

Avoid unnecessary hassles when checking in and out of venues.
Quick, easy, safe and secure.
Your data will NOT be sold to marketers or used for any other purposes.


For Venues

Checkin Mate allows you to spend less time collecting customer details and more time managing your venue.

Store all your customer check in data in one place.
Customer check out feature helps manage head counts.
Download check in reports in spreadsheet format if you need them.
Best of all - It's FREE!


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